Video drops as Pastor exposes Obofour for sleeping with his half-sister for ages

Obofour has been exposed by a pastor for sleeping with his half-sister for ages.

Rev. Obofour has been exposed by Manasseh The Word Changer for sleeping with his own half sister for ages.

He uploaded photos of the supposed half sister of Obofour known as Nyarko and made those allegations.

According to him, he’s been sleeping with the beautiful looking half sister for a very long time.

The beautiful Nyarko according to Manasseh is the daughter of Rev. Obofour’s father so it makes her a biological sister.


He explained that Obofour’s wide Queen Ciara knows her husband is close to Nyarko but she doesn’t suspect anything as she sees her as a sister in-law.

Manasseh The Word Changer also talked about the numerous abortions Nyarko has done for Obofour.

He says the girl is now fed up as she wants to move on and marry but Obofour doesn’t want to release him.

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