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Video: Alleged lady thief steals from a Kumasi bank, jumps from first floor of Storey building only to be busted

A young lady has been arrested by security personnel of a bank in Kumasi for alleged theft.

A video of the incident is currently going viral on the internet. Apparently the incident did happen at an Ecobabk bank in Adum, Kumasi.

The lady is said to have stolen money from the bank. The video couldn’t capture the money but according to eye witnesses she threw the money on one of the cars parked in the premises before individual who recorded the video started to film.

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From the video, the lady jumped from the first floor of the building. On getting down, she contemplated on going for the money on the car but later decided to run from the premises.

The security personnel of the bank with the help of other security men managed to arrest her when she took to her heels.




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