U.S. Space Force Capt. Luis Reyna Dies Unexpectedly

At this time, it has been determined that the individual who passed away at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston early on the morning of September 26, 2023 was Captain Luis Reyna of the United States Space Force, who was a member of the 90th Contracting Squadron.

Captain Reyna was assigned to the 90th Contracting Squadron. The 90th Contracting Squadron was responsible for Captain Reyna’s duties at the time.

At the time that this article was written, the information included within was correct. During that time period, the 90th Contracting Squadron was in charge of Captain Reyna’s responsibilities, and they were handled effectively.

Since the month of November 2019, Reyna, a member of the United States Air Force who was born in the city of Houston, had been stationed at the F.E. Warren Air Force Base in his capacity as an employee of the United States Air Force. Reyna has a long history of service to the city of Houston.

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