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Tracy Sarkcess recounts Xenophobia experience in South Africa

Tracy Sarkcess the wife of Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has recounted her Xenophobia experience during her visit to South Africa.

The wife of CEO of Sarkcess music says Xenophobia is deeply rooted in the culture of South Africans base of her experience in the country in March.

According to Tracy when a local South Africa finds out you aren’t a native yourself they tend to treat you negatively and you’ll never feel safe.

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Tracy Sarkcess and Sarkodie

She said once she told a driver she’s a Ghanaian, his reaction and utterances about West Africans made her upset but she had to keep her cool lest something happens to her.

The wife of Sarkodie says Xenophobia sentiment is real and the only solution is to re- educate Black South Africans.

Below is Tracy Sarkcess’ Thread On Xenophobia

Thread: 1. I was in SA this year in March for 4 weeks and I never felt safe. I realised that whenever a black South African made me out not to be one of them, they would treat me differently & sometimes ask where I’m from. I remember one driver asking that same question…

2. … & when I told him I was from Ghana, he told me I don’t look a Ghanaian/West African because I wasn’t very dark!! ???? And said your ppl are very dark ehh…I was so upset but I was also very scared because the way he was looking at me I actually thought he might want rape me

3. My point is this xenophobia thing is real in SA but it’s deeply rooted in the apartheid culture. To be honest, it still feels like apartheid there where the Black South Africans are very much afraid of the whites.

4. I don’t know what the solution is but I think it has to start with the re-education of Black South Africans. #SayNoToXenophobicAttacks

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Tiwa Savage and Basket Mouth pull out of events in South Africa amidst Xenophobia attacks

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