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“Totally disappointed. Heartbroken” Sam George ‘cries’ as colleagues in Minority betray Ghanaians to accept E-Levy

The parliament of Ghana is set to approved what the minority described as killer budget

After the budget was rejected by parliament last week when the majority staged a walkout, they decided to engage the minority to reach a compromise.

A statement posted by minority member Hon. Sam George suggests his colleagues have reached a compromise with the majority to approve the budget.

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The Ningo Prampram MP feels Ghanaians have been betrayed by the minority as the suffering masses believe the budget with it related E-levy will worsen the plight of the poor.

Taking to Facebook, the 2 term member of parliament posted they following message; “Totally disappointed. Heartbroken. Most unfortunate. Smh. ??”

Social commentator Kwame Aplus has confirmed the fears of Ghanaians as he’s revealed that the finance Minister is negotiating with the minority.

The negotiation is for the Finance Minister to reduce the E-Levy to 1%.

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