The wife allegedly stabbɛd the husband with knife – The other side of the story revealed

The other side of the story of the domestic violence case involving a Wesley Girls’ old girl has surfaced on the internet.

The mother of two came out with a video which sees her with swollen mouth and bruises crying for help whiles accusing her husband of beating her to pulp.

Well, the other side of the story (better still, the husband’s side ) has finally surfaced on the internet.

Below is how the conveyer of the information, Francis Kennedy Ocloo scripted the husband’s side, with photos of him receiving treatment in the hospital.


The other side may be demonized, because they may not get to tell their story.

What the Awareness General’s ear heard:

  1. Steve and Rachel go way back at the basic school. After basic school, they both continued to Presec and Wesley Girls. (Rachel mentions that in the video)

  2. Years later, Steve and Rachel had a fling resulting into pregnancy; they then got married with the support of Steven’s parents.

  3. Awareness General is reliably informed that a *misunderstanding ensued and Rachel grabbed a knife and stabbed Steve who is undergoing treatment. His right hand arm almost falling off. (AGAIN NOTE: INFORMED, I was not there)

There are other behind the scenes information, but I can only speak to the video which is out, and these pictures I have.

*What led to the misunderstanding: one partner wanted to have access to another’s phone. (AGAIN NOTE: INFORMED, I was not there). Information could be misleading.

EDITOR’S NOTE. The AG doesn’t support abuse of any forms from any party.


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