summer jobs abroad for students in europe

The latest EU economy survey exposed Poland’s labor market is thriving. Career prospects in the republic are promising.

Many jobs are available for candidates from all over the world who see Poland as a work destination.

In fact, it is now one of the leading shared employment services/business process outsourcing hubs in the European Union.

This kind of visa is issued on the grounds of Wojewódzki zaproszenie – an invitation from the Voivodeship, licensed by a Voivode (which in translation means the governor post of the Polish governmental division, analogous to a “province” in several other states).

A firm that wants to hire a foreigner submits an application for employment to the Voivode office for foreigners at the registration place of the enterprise.

Because the consulate, in the first place, is guided by the Governor’s decision, such an invitation to a visa is almost always confirmed. The application processing period is usually between 8 and 10 weeks (40-50 working days).


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