Strange! Meet the 57-year-old nurse who dances at the hospital ward to heal patients (video)

A 57-year-old South African nurse, Gumede Thathakahle, has taken care-giving to a whole new level after introducing dance as one of the many ways to help her patients get better.

In a video shared on Facebook, she was seen entertaining her patients with dance while talking to them at the Philani Clinic in Scottburgh.

In an interview with the People’s Paper, the nurse revealed she holds the belief that nurses should always give hope to their patients, something which is more effective than pills.

Gumede held that whenever she is setting out in the morning, she always plans to create an environment where everyone is lively, specifically her patients.

Her colleague, Zama Mazeka, attested to the fact that she always makes everyone happy whenever she is present in the hospital.

“This is my mother. Every day is bright with her around. I consider myself blessed and lucky to spend 40 hours every week with her. It’s always nice being at Philani Clinic I’m telling you,” she said.

After the video was shared online, she took to social media to thank everyone for appreciating her work.

She wrote:

“Thanks all of you. Sometimes you do something routinely and without thinking and you are surprised of the positive impact on other people. I do this almost everyday because there’s always something in me that wishes to reach the hearts of the sick person and make him feel wanted and love and laugh the pain away, whether physical or emotional pain”

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