So, North Korea is using dead bodies of prisoners to fertilize the country’s crops

North Korea has been using the corpses of political prisoners to fertilise its crops, it is alleged.

The claim has been mad by a former prisoner, who survived the hell of Kaechon concentration camp.

Using the pseudonym Kim Il-soon, she said: “The lands are very fertilised, and farming is successful there because the buried human bodies serve as natural fertilisers.

The gruesome measure is said to have been used across the country, even on mountainous terrain, and led to a bumper crop recently.

“Some guards said that they should bury the bodies evenly throughout the land so that it will fertilise the entire area.

“They buried people in the mountains. One time, a kid was peeing in the mountains and saw an arm sticking out because they forgot to cover it properly.”

Ms Kim made her shocking disclosure to The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK) after she escaped to Seoul, South Korea.

Backing up her evidence, the committee noted that they’d had no testimony mentioning crematoria at the camp, nor could they see any such facilities in satellite imagery.



Written by Opoku Asiedu

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