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Sister Derby reacts to Xenophobia attacks on Nigerians in South Africa


Nigerian immigrants in South Africa have not known peace for a couple of days as there have been constant attacks on them due to undisclosed reasons.

Several personalities from different part of the world have expressed their dissatisfaction at the South African cavemen who slaughter human beings like animals.

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The latest to wade into the ongoing issue is Deborah Vanessah known in showbiz Sister Derby.

According to her, Xenophobia is on the rise in most African countries which is really bad and added that Africans are stupid for fighting and killing each other.

She wrote; time ago, because what is better than being united as a people?
The late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah has turned in his grave aah taya.
‘They’ want to keep us fighting each other, can’t we see? United we stand, divided we fall. Then ‘they’ take over. We are very stupid fighting each other.Xenophobia against Nigerians has been low key happening in Ghana too and it’s very disgusting and stupid. Shame on anyone who hates any other African just because they are not from your same ‘country’. Yet we are all Africans!“We no dey hia any borders, we be one Africa, that be the dying wish of Kwame Nkrumah!”@wanlov#endxenophobia #xenophobia ???????? ???????? ????????. “

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