Shatta Wale Accuses Stonebwoy of Causing Legon Hall Week Show Cancellation

Shatta Wale Accuses Stonebwoy of Causing Legon Hall Week Show Cancellation

In a recent video, Stonebwoy is being dragged by Shatta Wale, intensifying his rivalry with the Afro-dancehall artist.

In a live video chat with his fans, Shatta Wale appeared to be quite upset with Stonebwoy, accusing him of being the reason behind the Legon Hall Week show’s cancellation.

Shatta Wale was having a fit because yesterday night’s Reunion Rave, also known as Artiste Night, was called off by the school administration at Legon Campus.

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Despite Stonebwoy’s separate show during Limann Hall Week, the “On Singer” accused Stonebwoy of being the one who ordered the performance to be canceled because he [Shatta] was listed as a performing artist.


He says Stonebwoy spoiled his event, saying he wouldn’t play in the same city as him, which forced school administrators to call off the event.

Alongside his boss, Sammy Flex, the manager of Shatta Wale, said in a TikTok live video that “there was a directive from upstairs” to call off the alleged concert.

Even though other performers were scheduled to play, he also asserts that University security threatened to turn off the event’s electricity if Shatta Wale showed up.

On the question of whether Stonebwoy was involved, as Wale stated in the video for the Legon Hall Week concert, he has not yet responded.

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