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Shama: Landlord arrested for kɨlling girlfriend with hammer for refusing him sɛx

People of Shama-Kumasi in the Western Region of Ghana woke up on Saturday morning to a shocking news of a man taking the life of his fiancée over sɛx related issue.

The man, Papa Gyebi alias Landlord allegedly hit the lady with a hammer over her refusal to allow him to sleep with her.

According to residents of the community, the incident which happened shortly after midnight started with a banter between the two which was loud enough for them to hear in their various rooms.

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The banter got intense and turned physical but all of a sudden nothing was heard from the man’s room.

Around 5am, one resident who was surprised by the sudden quietness between the man, Papa Gyebi and his fiancée, Rita curiously peeped through their window and he saw the lady lying motionless in a pool of blοod.

Together with other residents, they called in the police who rushed to the scene but the door was locked.

According to the police, they went round the building and saw the suspect through the window holding a hammer whiles threatening to harm anyone who dared open the door.

The police said they persuaded him to turn himself in but he refused so they had to break in and overpower him.

The victim was lying in a pool of blοod with his head smash so they suspect, Papa Gyebi used hammer to take her life.

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