Sarkodie reveals: “I am not stingy, I give out money when I feel like giving out money”

“I am not stingy, I give out money when I feel like giving out money” – Sarkodie

The CEO of Sarkcess Music, Sarkodie, voiced his displeasure at being seen on camera handing out cash to strangers.

He feels it lessens his respect for the recipient when he gives them money when there is a camera around.

In an interview with MacG for the South African podcast “PodcastAndChill,” Sarkodie discussed the issue.

“I hate when they have a camera on me and I have to give people money,” he said, stressing that it gives him the impression that he does not value the person who is in need.

Sarkodie stated that there are occasions when his real self, “Michael,” disagrees with what is required of him as a public figure.

He’s still determined to uphold his moral principles and make the decision to follow his own path, even in the face of negative public perception.

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He made the point that although there is a certain way he likes to donate money to others, the public finds it common practice to do so for the camera.

He won’t, however, alter his behavior to follow the current fad. In the end, he would rather not appear stingy than compromise his morality.

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