Sarkodie Queries identity of the lady on iconic ‘Akwaaba’ portraits [ID Revealed]

Rap God Sarkodie has asked for the Identity of the lady on the popular Akwaaba iconic portraits.

This iconic portraits are mostly found in our homes, offices, schools, Ghana Embassies etc.

In the photo, one would see this beautiful African queen holding a pot and a calabash, wearing a beautiful smile on her face.

What makes the photo more iconic is the Kente clothe being worn by the lady.This photo has been in existence for the past 20+ years.

Have you ever asked yourself who this woman is?

Well, rapper Sarkodie who was also obviously wondering took to his Facebook page to ask

“This photograph is on walls around the world.Who is she?”.

A lot of fans commented with an attempt to uncover the identity of the lady in question.

Well, A little background checks reveals her real name is Angelina Nana Akua Oduro.

Akwaaba means Welcome in Ghana and Angelina Nana Akua Oduro’s iconic Akwaaba photo taken in 1999 when she a teenager has broken all records in the Ghanaian modeling industry.

Her divine achievement is so legendary that even Ghanaian models yet unborn would struggle to match the record she has set.

The picture is popularly recognized by Ghanaians across the World as a true representation of Ghana’s hospitality to foreigners.

This picture has been used on several collectibles like special calendars, bags, dresses, gift items, and many more, but with every passing year, this lady sink deep into obscurity.

You can watch the video below on her recent interview:

Below are more photos of Angelina Nana Akua Oduro:

Watch her Video Below:

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