Sad! Strange things women do in the kitchen when nobody is watching

Kizzy Williams, owner of Allie BÕs Cozy Kitchen, puts collard greens on a plate in the kitchen on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, in Albany, N.Y. (Paul Buckowski/Times Union)

Whenever they say after the devil, one ought to fear women. They are capable of doing very sneaky things, things you never thought they are capable of. A parenting forum asked the women in the group the things they do while in the kitchen when they are alone, and the responses were both hilarious and shocking. But what is stranger, is that that most women agreed that they do these things when alone. These are some of the things they do when nobody is watching. Some submissions have been translated and reworded to add more clarity:

1.      Use the dish cloth to quickly wipe spilt water on the floor

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2.      Wipe spoons on the dresses or clothes they are wearing, or the leso they have tied around their waists before taking them to the table. Lick the porridge from the sides of the cup if it happens to spill before serving it to people

3.      Drink water straight from the jug and replace it among the clean utensils when nobody is watching. Place cups and glasses they have drunk water with clean utensils.

4.      When serving meat stew, hide a few under the ugali, and make it seem like there are only three pieces in the plate.

5.      Use the floor mop to quickly wipe the table instead of the table cloth, you can also ‘sweep’ the table when sweeping the floor

6.      Taste water/ juice before serving guests.

7.      Use curtains in the kitchen to wipe your hands instead of the hand towel

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8.      When visiting, pretend to be full then eat more of the food when doing the dishes

9.      If you neighbour’s kid comes to your house with cake, or a juicy snack, distract them with cartoons and eat the snack

10.  Leave a little milk in the packet to drink when nobody is watching

11.  Wash the pot in the bathroom sink if the kitchen sink is filled with dirty utensils

12.  If the food in the pot is not that much, eat straight from the pot instead of making other utensils dirty

13.  When you mix juice and there is nobody around taste it straight from the jug

14.  Is you spot a good looking piece of meat in the pot just dip your hand in the stew and pick it

15.  Take a piece of ugali and clean the sufuriayou cooked stew in

16.  Lick the cooking stick when cooking to taste the food

17.  After cooking porridge, lick it clean with the fingers before pouring water in it to soak it

18.  If a guest leaves pieces of meat in the plate, eat them all!


Written by Opoku Asiedu

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