Sad news coming from veteran actor Paa George stuns Ghanaians

Legendary Ghanaian, Paa George is one of the few long-serving hilarious actors who have graced our screens for decades.

Kumawood industry recognize him as one of the evil characters in movies which is because his skills permitted him to give more exciting scenes without limitations. Sad news coming from the actor himself earlier this afternoon has stunned most Ghanaians.

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Well, the veteran movie personality has made a shocking revelation which has raised immeasurable concerns amongs Ghanaians and movie lovers.

Speaking in an interview with Atinka TV, he was asked about the progress and what happened with his movie career. The actor has been seen off the screens for sometime now and people begun to wonder where he could be and what could be the reason for his absence from the media.

He revealed that he had been off from the screens because the movie industry is one company where lies and back biting have become the norm. No one wants to see his or her colleague making it, and neither does anyone want to see a person making it ahead of him or her and as a result, they silence you.

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He further disclosed that he has been suppressed by some movie producers because he is tagged with someone who pokes his noses into other people’s businesses. But this is not the case- He stated. Is speaking the truth on things that contradicts the reason why we are acting a bad thing to do?

It is sad to see such a talented actor going through such tough times.

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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