Renowned Bishops and Pastors Lead A Powerful Prayer For Sam George Over Anti-Gay Bill

Bishop Charles Agyinasare throws his weight behind Sam George as he anoints his head in prayer for grace and insight for the battle to legalize the anti-gay bill in Ghana. 

The Ningo-Prampram MP, Sam Goerge and General overseer of Perez Chapel, Bishop Agyinasare, form a formidable team against the propagation of the lgbt+ community in the country.

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In a video circulating on social media, Bishop Agyinasare calls the MP on stage with this introduction, “You know that Honorable Sam George is leading the parliamentary team for them to present their something to parliament for the lgbtqa+ bill, and we want to pray for him.”

He lays his hands on Sam Goerge as he blesses him whilst pouring anointing oil on his head with this prayer:

“Father, we commit your son into your hands. We pray that Lord, for this battle, you will bring a new anointing upon him and great grace. We say no weapon fashioned against him shall prosper.

“We say when they gather against him, let it not be of you. When they come one way, let them scatter seven ways. Give him insight, give him utterance. Protect him, protect his family by the power of the Holy Ghost. Protect his going out and coming in. Vehicles he will drive, people he will meet, water he will drink, everything protect him. In the name of Jesus. And we pray that your name alone shall be exalted and glorified, in Jesus name we call it done.”

Sam George is one of the pioneers of the controversial anti-lgbt+ bill, which sorts to criminalize the activities of the gay community.



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