Rainer Schaller’s Wife; Meet Christine Schikorsky

The German fitness-studio tycoon who owns Gold’s Gym is among those feared dead after a small plane crashed off of Costa Rica on Friday.

Businessman Rainer Schaller, who owns Gold’s and other chains, was listed as one of six people onboard a private jet that went down while traveling from Mexico to Limon, local reports said.

Schaller’s partner, Christiane Schikorsky, their children and a fitness trainer were also passengers on the flight, piloted by a Swiss national.

On Friday, a small plane crashed off the coast of Costa Rica, and it is believed that the German fitness studio billionaire who owns Gold’s Gym is among the deceased.

According to local sources, businessman Rainer Schaller, owner of Gold’s Gym and other companies, was one of six passengers on a private jet that crashed en route from Mexico to Limon.

On the trip, which was piloted by a Swiss national, were Schaller, his partner Christiane Schikorsky, their children, and a fitness trainer.

A member of his family was also among the passengers.
It is thought that Rainer Schaller, a fellow traveller, is among the missing.
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On Saturday, Costa Rican authorities reported finding the plane’s remains in the water around 17 kilometers from Limon International Airport. We have found two bodies and some luggage, but we haven’t been able to determine who they are.

According to AFP, Public Security Minister Jorge Torres said, “We have retrieved some bits of the jet that were swept in by the tide, and two dead.”

According to Costa Rican authorities, the plane was an Italian-made Piaggio P180 Avanti with nine seats that lost contact with the control tower near Barra de Parismina near Limon at around 6 p.m.

Who is Rainer Schaller?

Rainer Schaller is a German fitness-studio tycoon and Gold’s Gym Owner.

World-famous German-born businessman Rainer Schaller.

He currently serves as the CEO of McFit GmbH and Lopavent GmbH, two companies that have put on an EDM festival and parade for many years.

Last night, a plane carrying Rainer Schaller, his alleged girlfriend Christiane Schikorsky, and their two children, Aaron and Finja, vanished somewhere off the Costa Rican coast en route from Mexico to Limon.

His hometown in Germany is Bamberg.

On January 4, 1969, Rainer Schaller entered the world. He’ll be 53 years old in 2022.

Rainer Schaller’s Wife

The rumor mill has it that the German is seeing Christine Schikorsky. He was in a committed relationship but not married. The two were reportedly killed in a plane crash not so long ago. They’re raising two kids, Aaron and Finja.

Schaller is credited as the company’s founder and CEO on the RSG Group’s website. The company runs 21 fitness and lifestyle brands worldwide, such as Gold’s Gym, McFit, and John Reed. Gold’s Gym filed for bankruptcy in 2020 due to the widespread spread of COVID-19, and RSG ended up buying the company.

The multinational corporation has 41,000 direct and indirect employees throughout 48 countries.

After the 2010 Berlin Love Parade techno festival, which Schaller helped arrange, ended in tragedy when 21 people were killed and over 500 were injured due to a crowd crush, Schaller became a household name throughout the world.

German officials claimed that Schaller’s security had failed to prevent concertgoers from flooding into the festival grounds through an underground passage.

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