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Question young politicians how they bought mansions at Legon,Cantonments, Airport, – Media Foundation boss

Mr Sulemana Braimah has blamed the failure of the media in questioning the source of money of rich politicians for the greed amongst the youth.

The Executive Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), has opined that how young politicians made quick money and flaunt it is partly to be blamed for the moral decadence in Ghana.

This view was triggered by the recent money ritual killing orchestrated by two teenagers in Kasoa.

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Speaking on Class Fm on the role of the media in the Kasoa ritual killing and it related issues he had the following to say;

I think that we have to look at it as a collective national failure.

A failure in our morals, as a country; a failure in our collective attitudes as a country.

Yes, the media certainly have a role to play in terms of educating people about morals and values and so on; that we should do, regardless of whether these things are happening or not – that’s the fundamental thing that the media have a responsibility to do.

I think the other thing that the media have to do which we haven’t been doing over the years, is this whole issue about unexplained wealth: people suddenly, either they claim they are pastors, they claim they are businesspeople or whatever, and within a space of one year or two, are flaunting multiple cars, multiple mansions and so on and so forth and no one cares to interrogate: ‘How did they make this money?’, ‘How much taxes have they been paying to the state and so on and so forth?’

Now, the other side is our politicians. We know the big mansions, the structures coming up at the Cantonments, East Legon, Airport residential area and so on and so forth.

“A lot of these belong to politicians, some of whom are young people; if we should look at ‘young’ to be, maybe, somebody under the age of 40, and again, we don’t ask: ‘How did they come by the money?’”

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