Oprah Winfery replaces cracked phone of a Nigerian guy with an iPhone 11 (Video + Photos)

American superstar Oprah Winfrey has touched the heart of a young Nigerian boy.

The young Nigerian was amongst the privileged  audience of a talk show which had Oprah Winfrey answering questions asked by the audience.

After the show, the Nigerian identified as Olufemi rushed to Oprah’s car to take a video with her and the superstar recognized that the phone of the young man had a cracked screen.

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Below is Olufemi shared the video recorded with the cracked screen on his Instagram account;
Today I was blessed with the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with @Oprah Winfrey. After the assembly, my brother @zcs_5 and I caught her car and had another conversation with her. We hope to see her again soon and thank her for making this possible. #oprah #morehousecollege @morehouse1867”

Few days later Olufemi received a big surprise of a gift. He opened it only to find out it’s an IPhone 11 and a letter from Oprah Winfrey.

The letter reads;  “Dear Olufemi. We can’t have you out here viewing the world through a cracked screen or a cracked cover. The new camera you’re gonna love for sure”

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