No Sensible Person Should Ever Invest in eShun’s Musical Career – Chris Vincent

Ghanaian Entertainment critic and legal practitioner Chris Vincent has taken on musician eShun over her recent issues with her former manager and ex boyfriend Steven Mensah.

In a long write up, Chris Vincent predicted that her music journey is about to get worse.

He also tackled her self confessed promiscuous lifestyle.

Below is the write up

CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: No Sensible Person Should Ever Invest in eShun’s Musical Career—And Whoever Wants to Date Her Should Note Her Confirmed Promiscuity

Until this week, I had never paid more than a minute attention to struggling Ghanaian musician-eShun. She seems to have a bit of talent, but that’s not enough to get her anywhere in this world—considering the sort of shocking professional and personal conducts she has smugly paraded.

It’s one thing to be arrogant or stupid with professional decisions and it’s another to be sexually promiscuous. And being both with pride is enough to end even a brilliant future of a talented artist.

I am not a sorcerer but I can confidently state that eShun’s musical journey is about the get worse and then end. Her private life involving men will also continue to be full of gross disrespect, as men wouldn’t take her serious or commit to her in any meaningful way—because she has shot herself in the foot, in an unpardonable manner.

eShun, who is already a mother of one disclosed a few days ago that while in a relationship with her now ex-boyfriend and ex-manager, she slept with two other men, just to upset this man or break free from that relationship. This is not callous, but cheap and insane.

If you want to walk out of a relationship, you just have to do it. You do not need to have even any reason to walk out of a situation you deem unpleasant.

Despite the above suggesting that she was having multiple sexual partners, which she probably wasn’t using any protection with them all, she seems proud of it—as a single broke mother who at a point couldn’t even afford food or transportation to go and beg for food.

It’s pathetic but not embarrassing enough for her.

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