New Salem Baptist pastor Greg Deaton Obituary, Funeral Details

Remembering Pastor Greg Deaton: London Mourns the Sudden Loss of New Salem Baptist Church Senior Pastor


Explore the impact of the sudden death of Senior Pastor Greg Deaton from New Salem Baptist Church in London, KY. Learn about his revered leadership, the shock within the community, and details regarding his funeral arrangements.

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The vibrant community of London, KY, is grappling with the sudden and devastating loss of Senior Pastor Greg Deaton from New Salem Baptist Church. The news of his passing has left many in shock and mourning, as they find it difficult to bear the loss of a beloved spiritual leader. May his soul rest in peace.

Greg Deaton served as the Senior Pastor of New Salem Baptist Church, earning deep respect and admiration for his unwavering dedication to his church and his tireless promotion of faith and love. Known for his kindness and compassion, Greg’s impact extended beyond the church walls, reaching the entire London community.

The abrupt and unexpected death of Greg Deaton on Sunday, November 19, 2023, has sent shockwaves through the community. At this time, no details regarding the circumstances of his death have been released, intensifying the grief felt by those who knew him and the broader spiritual leadership community that held him in high regard.

The New Salem Baptist Church community mourns the loss of Pastor Greg Deaton, acknowledging the spiritual guidance, support, and teachings that have shaped many congregants. As they come to terms with this tragedy, the church community is committed to honoring Pastor Deaton’s memory and continuing the legacy of faith and kindness he embodied.

The impact of Greg Deaton’s death goes beyond the walls of New Salem Baptist Church, resonating throughout the London community. Colleagues, acquaintances, and community members from near and far have offered their sympathies to his grieving family, reflecting the profound effect Greg had on the lives of those around him.

Details about Pastor Greg Deaton’s funeral arrangements and memorial services will be essential for the community to come together, offer support, and pay their respects. As the community navigates through this challenging time, the outpouring of affection and sympathy serves as a testament to the lasting impact of Greg Deaton’s life and legacy.

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