Myles Goodwyn Death; frontman of April Wine Rock Band

Remembering Myles Goodwyn: Legendary Frontman of April Wine Rock Band

The world mourns the passing of Myles Goodwyn, the iconic frontman for the legendary April Wine rock band, who died at the age of 75. In this tribute, we reflect on Goodwyn’s impactful career, his recent retirement from touring, and the indelible mark April Wine left on the Canadian rock scene. Myles Goodwyn, the esteemed frontman of April Wine, passed away at the age of 75, leaving a void in the world of Canadian rock music. This article pays tribute to a musical icon whose contributions shaped the landscape of rock radio and garnered international acclaim.


April Wine, a Canadian rock powerhouse, became synonymous with Myles Goodwyn’s distinctive vocals and songwriting prowess. Goodwyn retired from touring with the band in March, capping off a career that spanned decades and earned April Wine a special place in the hearts of rock enthusiasts worldwide. With over 10 million albums sold, the band’s influence on the music scene is immeasurable.

Achievements and Recognition:
Myles Goodwyn’s impact on the Canadian music landscape was profound, with April Wine achieving significant milestones. The band earned 11 Juno nominations and recently entered Canada’s Walk of Fame. In a testament to Goodwyn’s songwriting brilliance, he was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame this year. His emphasis on crafting memorable songs, such as “Tonite Is a Wonderful Time to Fall in Love,” “Oowatanite,” and “Just Between You and Me,” solidified April Wine’s status as an integral part of Canadiana.

Myles Goodwyn’s death at the age of 75 was confirmed by publicist Eric Alper, though the cause remains unclear at this time. The music community awaits further details while remembering the artist for his unparalleled contributions to rock music. Living in the Halifax area, Myles Goodwyn’s legacy extends beyond accolades and achievements. His passion for songwriting, as evidenced by April Wine’s enduring classics, leaves an indelible mark on the Canadian music scene. The timeless melodies and powerful lyrics continue to resonate with fans, ensuring that Goodwyn’s influence will endure for generations to come.


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As we bid farewell to Myles Goodwyn, we celebrate the life of a true musical icon and the soul of April Wine. The impact of his contributions to rock music and Canadian culture will be felt for years to come. In this time of reflection, the world expresses gratitude for the melodies that became the soundtrack of an era, forever etched in the hearts of fans.

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