My ‘Sugar Daddy’ took me to his house on Sunday, and I did something I had never done before-lady details ‘strange‘ story

A beautiful young lady has shared a bizarre experience about how her he Sugar Daddy treated her and never ceased to share with our cherished readers. Read her full story below;

“I sense each purpose to be grateful of what I did on a Sunday which turned into the very first time, as my sugar daddy took me to his personal residence, and to my amazement, I did some thing I had in no way accomplished before. It was a memorable enjoy for me. It changed into the first Sunday of the month, and ever considering that I grew up into the woman i am, I had never visited the church.

My pals call me Apaiah and i was continually living to delight people, my sugar daddy whom I loved however called me, and invited me to his residence, and that i questioned why it needed to be on the first Sunday of the month, since it changed into him, we cherished each different, I had to respect his invitation. I dressed up properly, wore the first-rate feasible make-up everyday, and took a keke instantly to his residence, i was without a doubt excited, as it was greater than 3 months i have not met him.

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After I got to his residence, he ushered me inner, gave me meals and water, went inside to have his bath, as I waited looking ahead to why he without a doubt desired to look me. i was drooling, all eyes extensive open, my ears absolutely alert to any word with the intention to come out of his mouth. He got here out, all dressed, and in his palms I noticed the incredible, I saw him keeping a Bible and an olive oil, and i waited what it became for. fast he said he wishes me to provide my lifestyles to Christ, i used to be shocked, it became incredible, I had by no means carried out that, not even prayed before.

Moreover, he called me, Apaiah, allow us to pray, and talk in tongues, and that God has spoken to him for the each of them to provide their existence to Christ, I had to pray, and surely, I had by no means accomplished that earlier than, and in short while, i used to be unknowingly speakme in tongues, I felt the presence of God, it was a unique one, I enjoyed it, it became the satisfactory feeling to date. I cried as from that day, my existence and my sugar daddy’s life changed, we gave our existence to Christ, something I had by no means notion of doing. To God be the honor, I told myself as I became an usher in my parish”

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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