MS Chef Curtis Stephney Dies Unexpectedly

The passing of Curtis Stephney, known as “Big BLOWZ” and “CHEF BLOWZ.” Curtis Stephney, a renowned chef hailing from Greenville, Mississippi, peacefully departed on September 28, 2023. The cause of his passing remains unknown at this time.

Stephney Lavette, his sister, conveyed this heartbreaking news on Facebook and requested the support of all during this challenging period.

Curtis Stephney was a highly skilled and licensed chef, leaving an indelible mark on the culinary world.

His culinary journey was marked by dedication, expertise, and an unwavering passion for the culinary arts. He served as the chef at Twelve Twenty3 Catering & Dining, where his culinary prowess and creativity shone.

Additionally, Curtis held the pivotal role of Kitchen & Transportation Manager/Chef at Milestone Community Development Center, showcasing his ability to efficiently address culinary demands.

Beyond his culinary expertise, Curtis was an entrepreneur and the proprietor of Twelve Twenty3 Catering & Dining, an establishment that became a cornerstone of Greenville’s culinary scene. His culinary journey included significant positions at other venues, such as Head Chef at Spectator’s Pub & Patio and Former Kitchen Supervisor at Harlow’s Casino Resort & Spa, demonstrating his adaptability in diverse culinary settings.

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