Matthew Epstein Dies any Suicide, Opera Producer

In Memoriam: Remembering Opera Producer Matthew Epstein

The opera community is in mourning following the tragic and unexpected death of Matthew Epstein. The former general director of Welsh National Opera and artistic director of Chicago’s Lyric Opera, Matthew Epstein’s passing has left friends, family, and the industry grappling with profound sadness. This article pays tribute to his life and contributions to the world of opera.


The sudden and tragic death of Opera producer Matthew Epstein has cast a somber mood over the community he so deeply influenced. At the age of 76, Epstein’s departure was announced by Neil Rosenshein, who revealed that Matthew had taken his own life.

Matthew Epstein, who had previously expressed his intention to depart from this life at the age of 75, had a significant impact on the opera world. As the former general director of Welsh National Opera from 1992 to 1992 and the artistic director of Chicago’s Lyric Opera, his contributions were immense.

Friends and family are now left to mourn the loss of a visionary figure, remembering the man who played a vital role in shaping the opera landscape. Neil Rosenshein’s announcement on Epstein’s passing has triggered an outpouring of thoughts, prayers, and tributes from those who admired and worked alongside him.


A tribute post on Facebook captured the sentiment within the industry: “Matthew Epstein, I’m at a loss for how tremendously hard this will continue to hit our beloved industry. You were certainly one of a kind and an extraordinary gift to so many of us. Thank you, thank you for everything. May all of our treasured memories of you be a blessing and may your wisdom continue through your teachings to lead us…”

In this time of grief, words fall short, and the industry comes together to mourn the loss of a unique and influential figure. Thoughts and prayers are extended to Matthew Epstein’s family and friends as they navigate through this difficult time.

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As we remember the life and contributions of Matthew Epstein, the opera community joins together to mourn the loss of a cherished figure. May his legacy live on through the impact he made on the world of opera, and may his family and friends find solace in the memories and wisdom he shared.

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