Marriage Saving Moves? – Fred Nuamah pens down warm message to ‘Ex Wife’ as their son celebrates birthday

Ghanaian movie producer, Fred Nuamah has penned down a warm message to ‘Ex Wife’ on the birthday of their son.

The marriage between Fred Nuamah and Marketor has reportedly broken beyond repair according to entertainment critic, Chris Vincent.

Though the two are yet to officially divorce, they are currently not living together.

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Yesterday, 7th June was the birthday of their son but instead of a birthday wish to the boy, Fred Nuamah decided rather celebrate the mother, Marketor.

In the warmth message, Fred pointed out that he choose to celebrate the mother of his son because without her, the boy wouldn’t be in this world.

Read the message below

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@martekor_ I wanted to do sometin to honor u on the day that everyone is honoring FJ. It really isn’t (FJ’s DAY) is it? @martekor_ its anniversary of the day u endured pain, just like my mum some years ago, anxiety and looked the fear of the unknown in the eye, all to bring FJ into this WORLD. It’s not a day to celebrate LEVI aka FJ- it’s a day to celebrate the life u made possible tru our dear lord Jesus Christ. I also want u to know the tears, the exhaustion, the pain and fear…. I appreciate it. All of it. Today as everyone honor and celebrate FJ, pls know that I am honoring and thanking u. I won’t wait for Mother’s Day. Bcos instead of celebrating u on Mother’s Day, I’ll celebrate FJ bcos without him u wouldn’t be a mother and his birthday isn’t his accomplishment. It’s urs @martekor_ . So, happy birthday Tekor and thank u. #toGodbetheglory #son #mother #father #birthday #myoldscript

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