Man details how he managed to ‘ch0p‘ his Pastor‘s daughter at a public toilet

In my adult life, going to church has become a big problem for me mostly due to laziness. This has made me ‘a once in a while’ Sunday church goer. Due to this, most ‘righteous Christians’ view me as an anti Christ and coming closer to me was viewed as a ‘no go area’.

I was in my room one afternoon when I heard a knock on my door, I opened it and was happy to see one of my friends standing in front of the door. I welcomed him in and asked of his mission for visiting me. He mentioned that, the church has delegated him and another lady to try and convince me to change from my ‘bad ways’ and be regular in church.

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I asked of the name of the lady that was also tasked to talk me into repentance and be regular at church. It came as a surprise and joy to me when I got to know that, one of the most beautiful ladies in the church which have made me salivate allot was the one tasked to talk to me.

She told my friend to inform me that she will be taking me for evening Church service the next day.

The next day came like a second and it took about twenty minutes for the church girl to pass by my house for us to go to the church together. I came into conclusion that my village gods didn’t want me to go to church again after I’ve started experiencing severe stomach pains. I was left with no option than to run to a public toilet which was close to a basic school in my area and about 500 meters from my house.

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As soon as I got to the toilet, I had a call from the church girl asking about my where about since she was in my house. I told her I’ve gone to the toilet. I mentioned to her I’m suffering from a stomach problem so I’m not sure I can make it to the church. She insisted in seeing me and have asked to be directed to the toilet where I was which I did.

It was around 7:30pm when she came to meet me about fifty meters away from the public toilet. By this time, visibility became poor as the whole place was covered with darkness.

She requested to sit beside me on about ten neatly arranged cement blocks I was sitting on. I allowed her and she requested to pray for me.

As this point my heart began to race as she place her hands on my stomach to pray. She instructed me to close my eyes which I obeyed religiously. As she began to pray, I could hear my village witches telling me to open my eyes, I did and it was as this moment that I’ve realized that the two apples in front of the church girl’s chest is as firm as ‘Azumah Nelson’s’ blow.

Before she said Amen, my hands were on her chest and my lips on hers. To my surprise, she responded positively and opened her mouth widely.

I stopped for a second looked around and have seen that there was no one coming, I positioned her properly and continued with the lips to lips business. I slide my hand into her golden pot and was greeted with wetness, it became clear to me that madam church girl is ready for action.

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I shifted her panties and gently opened the zip on my trousers and made her bend over.

I was about to enter her when my brother slapped me and said I should stop using my d*ck on his leg. Infact it was all I dream.

Since the lady I dreamt about is in my church, I’ve decided to start going to church actively, who knows? Dreams do come true.

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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