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Lydia Forson is the SI Unit for Hypocrisy – Netizens roast her for enabling Rapist Shatta Wale

Ghanaian actress and feminist Lydia Forson has been called out for being a r*pe enabler.

The feminist who always talked about having zero tolerance for everything rape and bitten her tongue to reason with self confessed rapist Shatta Wale.

When many expected her to stick to principles and call out Shatta Wale for confessing and bragging about r*ping Burna Boy’s girlfriend, she rather called him on phone to reason with him.

She posted on Twitter that she’s spoken to the Ghanaian dancehall artist over her r*pe posts.

I just got of the phone with @shattawalegh -we spoke at length about his tweets,especially on r*pe.

It’s been a long conversation.

Whiles we’re not entirely on the same page(hopefully we will be eventually)it was important to me that I spoke to him about this; he listened.”



This is a sharp contrast to what this same Lydia Forson has been doing to others whose crimes are lesser than Shatta Wale.

She is on record to have dragged Teacher Kwadwo in the mud for making a rape joke.

In 2019 she cursed people that their daughters will be victims of rape because of how they always make excuse for rape.



In 2018, she swore to block all rape apologist and those who make rape jokes.

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