Lady suddenly goes blind immediately after her boyfriend broke up with her

A Nigerian doctor has taken to social media to share a weird incident that occurred as a result of heartbreak.

Dr Sina revealed that a girl suddenly went blind after her boyfriend ended their relationship.

According to him, it is not a common occurrence but it is not the first time such a rare medical mystery is being witnessed either.

He said that they believe she had a medical condition called Functional Visual loss (FVL) which can cause someone to have visual challenges especially after being triggered by emotional trauma.

Sina further explained that it occurs mostly in women but the primary cause cannot be identified.

In his words; ”Breakups can really mess with people’s health

A girl just had a breakup with her boyfriend and went blind suddenly. Yes it’s real

It isn’t something that occurs commonly

I’ll try to use simple terms so non medical people can understand what the medical condition is

Our suspicions are that she has a medical condition called Functional Visual loss (FVL)

FVL is a condition in which the person has some form of visual problem but the cause( eg damage, structure problems, etc) cannot be identified

Simply put you can’t find any obvious problems

though not common, is seen more in Women.

it can be happen following triggers like breakup, anxiety, depression, shock from losing a loved one, etc some psychiatric conditions like malingering, factitious disorders, etc and also have FVL (shared a similar case 2 years ago)”

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