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Just In: NCA shuts down Radio Gold

Just In: NCA shuts down Radio Gold, Just In: NCA shuts down Radio Gold, GHSPLASH.COM

Reports trooping in has it that the National Communications Authority (NCA) has closed down Accra-based Radio Gold.

The development comes in the wake of the invitation of the National Democratic Congress chairman Samuel Ofosu Ampofo over some recent crimes in the country.

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Earlier today, the National Security Operatives and the NCA stormed East Legon based radio station, Radio XYZ. 

Radio XYZ is known to be an NDC bias media house who always attack the ruling government.

Below is the NCA statement:


Radio stations operating without valid authorisations as determined by the 2017 FM Broadcasting
Audit are being shut down with immediate effect as enforcement action in view of the decision of
the Electronic Communications Tribunal.

Following the FM Spectrum Audit in 2017, some stations were found to be in default and were
fined by the Authority. However, some of the stations in default were not satisfied and proceeded
to the various courts; Electronic Communications Tribunal (ECT) and the High Court to appeal
against the NCA’s decision.

This resulted in a decision by the ECT in 2018 which reviewed the status of expired FM Radio
Broadcasting Authorisations and which ruled among others that Companies whose authorisations
had expired reverted to the same position as a fresh applicant. While some stations shut down
following this decision, others did not.

To this end, and in line with Regulations 65 (1) of the Electronic Communications Regulations,
2011, L. I. 1991, which states that “A person shall not use a radio frequency without authorisation
from the Authority” the National Communications Authority (NCA) is enforcing the shutdown of
FM radio stations who are operating without authorisation.

It should be noted that, as ruled by the ECT, submission of renewal application after expiry of
authorisation is not a valid application and therefore shall not be considered by the Authority.
While companies affected by this shut down may submit fresh applications to the Authority if they
so wish, these applications shall go through the required procedure for new FM Broadcasting
Authorisation and the outcome will be communicated to the applicants.

The general public is also informed that entities are only authorised to use frequencies for a
specific duration or period. Frequencies are national assets and not the properties of users as they
are not assigned to users in perpetuity.

The Authority takes this opportunity to encourage all licence and authorisation holders to ensure
compliance with the various terms of their licences and authorisations, and as well the relevant

Issued by the National Communications Authority,
NCA Tower,
No. 6 Airport City, Accra.
Tel: (0)30 – 2776621/2771701 or 050-145-1522/3.
Date – Thursday, 9th May, 2019

Editor’s Note
About NCA
The National Communications Authority, (NCA), was established by an Act of Parliament, Act 524 in
December 1996, which has been repealed and replaced by the National Communications Authority
Act, 2008 (Act 769). The Authority is the statutory body mandated to license and to regulate electronic communication activities and services in the country.

Written by Julius Appiah

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Just In: NCA shuts down Radio Gold, Just In: NCA shuts down Radio Gold, GHSPLASH.COM

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Just In: NCA shuts down Radio Gold, Just In: NCA shuts down Radio Gold, GHSPLASH.COM

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