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Julia Reichert, an Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker passed away at the age of 75.

How Did Julia Reichert Die?

Julia Reichert-“godmother of American independent documentaries”, whose work frequently explored issues of race, gender, and class, has passed away.

Paufder shared its tributes saying,

“Julia Reichert has passed on, after 4+ years of cancer. She made three films at that time. Besides her long career in documentary, her legacy is also in the many, many people she mentored and supported.”

Julia viewed herself as a feminist who collected stories from the Midwest. She explored the stories of people’s gender, socioeconomic class, activism, and racism.


“How do we live the life we foresee, that we’d like to have — how do we do that? Thinking, sexism, and patriarchy. This just doesn’t go to the government and the boardroom and the job. It goes to the bedroom and the kitchen, right?” she said.

“It goes to how we treat each other. So if you want to start rooting out these sexist ways we operate, I mean, both women looking down upon ourselves and men thinking they own the world and are smarter and more capable. It goes both ways, right? So I think there was a general sense we can build a new world and there’s a line we can bring to birth a new world on the ashes of the old for the union makes us strong.”

Julia Reichert Cause of Death

Reichert, a long-time Yellow Springs resident and former WYSO broadcaster investigated the tales of regular, working-class people in America has died.

Julia Reichert cause of death was cancer. She passed away after a long battle with cancer. She and her partner Steven Bognar received the Sundance Film Festival’s best director award for “American Factory”


“I grew up, I came of age in the ’60s. Millions of us saw racism, saw U.S. domination around the world. Imperialism. Saw huge inequalities class-wise. We said the system’s not working and we became, in some broad sense, revolutionaries,” she told WYSO in an interview last year.

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