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Jon Germain tells why he won’t leave EIB like others did

Bola Ray (left) and Jon Germain (right)
Bola Ray (left) and Jon Germain (right)

Ghanaian radio personality and pop singer Jon Germain has said that he is sticking to Excellence In Broadcasting (EIB) network even though things are hard at the company now.

According to him in an interview on Class 91.3FM, he is not the kind of person friends during stormy and torrid times.

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The host for ‘The Zone’ on Starr FM said; “I’m not the kind of person who abandons friends when they’re going through hard times; I don’t do that, I don’t do that. When it was all great, I’m there; when it’s not great, I’m there. That’s me”.

“Listen, whoever wanted to leave, I understand them; people have to eat. Family, you need to pay your bills and all that. It’s really tough but that’s me; I’m not the kind of person who abandons you because you’re going through hard times. I’ve known Bola Ray [Group CEO of EIB] for a very very long time”.

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His comment comes after his boss Nathaniel Kwabena Adissi aka Bola Ray shared a sad story at IYES2019 on the hard times the media firm is going through.

Bola Ray disclosed that for about 7 months now, the company have not been able to pay their workers and it’s the prime reason some of them have left them.

Latest to leave the EiB networks is Berla Mundi who just joined rival company Media General, operators of Tv3 after Giovanni Caleb took the lead.



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