Jack Lee Cause of Death, “Hanging on the Telephone” Songwriter,

Jack Lee, a member of the West Coast power pop group The Nerves in the 1970s, passed away. He was the singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer of the song “Hanging on the Telephone,” which Debbie Harry and Blondie memorably performed. He was 71.

Lee lost his fight with colon cancer on May 26 in Santa Monica, according to his family.

They stated in a statement that “he never gave up on his music, to the very end.” Right by his side, his guitar. He truly was the song. They narrated his life’s story one by one. Dreams do perish. Never will be his.

The Nerves, which consisted of Lee on guitar, Peter Case on bass, and Paul Collins on drums, obtained a $2,000 loan in 1976 and used it to record a four-song, self-titled EP in San Francisco, which included two Lee originals: “Give Me Some Time” and “Hanging on the Telephone.”

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After the band disbanded in 1978, Blondie frontman Harry called writer Jeffrey Lee Pierce and requested permission to record “Hanging on the Telephone” from The Nerves. Lee was then the president of the Blondie Fan Club.

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