I like fufu but it’s a bit heavy, Jollof is the best – Balotelli

Italian International footballer Mario Bawuah Balotelli has talked about his favorite meal.

As football and other sports continue to be on break because of the coronavirus, sports men have taken to other things to entertain their fans.

Some footballers have made it a habit to use Instagram live to keep up with football fans.

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In an Instagram live chat between Henry and Balotelli, the Italian with Ghanaian biological parents talked about his favorite meal.

Amongst other Italian and African meals, the former A.C Milan striker picked Jollof and pasta as his favorite.

“I can cook basic stuff but not even good,to be honest cooking is not my stuff, I don’t like it to be honest,”

“I like to eat Pasta, a lot of meat, then I have some African dishes I like, like jollof rice, of course that’s the best,” he said while grinning.

“I can eat vegetables, not a lot, some fish but for me African jollof rice is the best and Pasta.”

“I like fufu but fufu you can eat once every three weeks it’s a bit heavier.” he revealed

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