I feel for his ‘stick‘ anytime I see him shirtless-Young lady details how she made her own father sleep with her

I can boldly say I really enjoyed losing it to my own father.. I know it’s strange you might be thinking if I’m under a curse or if I do drugs.

I lost my virginity to my father willingly,he did not force me or rape me,I gave it to him.

I’ve always admired my father that I sometimes get wet seeing him shirtless. I have always wanted to make out with him like for real,there was this zeal in me that couldn’t resist even his presence.

One Saturday afternoon he was bathing and called me to bring him soap since the soap at the bathroom was finish, actually I misused it.

So I want to give him the soap and for him to take the soap from me he had to open the bathroom door. He tried opening it slightly and mistakenly the door opened wide. He tried to cover himself up but to tell you the truth I’d already seen everything.

His d*k was huge.there I became to wonder the reason mum’s always happy in the morning. I got to try it too,I exclaimed in my head.

He didn’t took it serious. After all she’s my daughter,he might be saying in his head.but to me I want to take that thing inside me. I went to sat down and the picture of what I saw appeared right at my face,”like what the hell, this thing is getting serious” anytime I think about it I become wet

However, knowing very well my dad won’t do anything with me then I started to plan. One afternoon dad was sitting at the living room when I went infront of him, bend over like I’m taking something, while wearing some short skirt.

He called me just to tell me to get inside and change.damn! Could you imagine, I thought that was it.

It’s was getting difficult and I was running out of water. So I decided to drug him,yes I thought of that and well and behold I did. I’m the one who serve his meals so I drugged his food and after eating he started feeling dizzy and called me by my mum’s name. There i realized it my chance so I took him inside, took off his clothes, put him on his bed and starting having s3rx with him.

It was painful since it was my first time but I enjoyed it to the max. His d*ck was So huge and sweet. After I removed the bedsheets so I can wash them since there was blood stain in them

Well I’ve had an Intercourse with him like 10 times now and he didn’t even know.

I know it is not right but should I tell him???

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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