Henry Lavelle Unkle Obituary, Brother of Mo’Wax Founder James Lavelle

Henry Lavelle, brother of Mo’Wax record label founder James Lavelle, has sadly passed away.

He died in the year 2022 at the age of 45. UNKLE released in statement yesterday that says “Forever loved, forever missed, forever in our hearts. Henry Lavelle 21/12/76-23/02/22”.

As at the time of this publication, the exact cause of his death has not been released by the family at the time of this publication. He was born on 21st December 1976.

Henry Lavelle got his start in the music business as an intern at A&M Records back in 1995. A few months later, he began working more closely with MoWax, a recently signed record label.

Over the course of his two years at MoWax, he worked in artist relations, tour management, and as manager of the label’s in-house recording studio before settling into his current role as primary designer and producer of all MoWax packaging, which includes albums and singles by DJ Shadow, UNKLE, Money Mark, and AIR, among many others.

In 1998, he started a company called Modo Production to continue breaking new ground in the fields of design and production.

He kept working in the music business and for MoWax, expanding into large record companies like Island Records, Sony, Warner Bros., and EMI, as well as smaller independent labels like Mute Records and Mushroom Records, where he worked with bands like Sigur Ros (working with the just-signed Coldplay).

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