Have you met Nakeeyat Dramani after Talented Kids Season 10? See how faster and more beautiful she’s growing (photos)

At the finals of the season 10 of TV3 Talented Kids, 7 years old Nakeeyat Dramani emerged the winner.

Nakeeyat Dramani performed mainly as a poet during the competition and she was excellent at it.

It came as no surprise when she emerged the winner for the TV3 Talented Kids Season 10.

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Interestingly, Nakeeyat herself was overcome by emotions and she burst into tears while appearing on the stage after being announced the winner.

Nakeeyat Dramani took home a 10,000-cedi cash prize, a 15,000-cedi educational fund, an all-expenses-paid trip to the UK, as well as souvenirs from sponsors

Besides her talent which captivated everyone during the competition, Nakeeyat Dramani’s beauty got everyone falling in love with her.

Nakeeyat was seen as a good poet but there was one man who was behind her success at the just ended competition.

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The said person is her biological father who has been her a teacher, trainer and mentor.

Mind you after the talented kids,she was sign to become an ambassador for national sanitation,again,she mounts bigger podiums that might even suprise you.

Lets view her photos below and see how faster she’s growing

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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