Guys are rushing to date ewe girls because of these 5 reasons

Women fear their friends and family offering some weird mix of support and compassion when telling them they proposed. Which is crazy, because guess what? They didn’t ask for your shoulder to cry on.

We fear that we look weak and desperate — that our noncommital gents were willing to let the years ride out so far that marriage would never be on the table. But guess what? The only difference between a man and a woman proposing is the genitals of the person on one knee (if they even take tradition that far).

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People find tradition romantic. Think about Thanksgiving: we’re taught to get together with family and sip wine and eat lavish meals… all without so much as a thought toward what precipitated the celebration of Thanksgiving (ahem, slaughter and colonization, that is).

But people are comforted and find meaning (or create new meaning) through tradition. And that’s OK. That’s a good thing. It keeps the earth rotating and people sane.

Arguably, the whole Ghana ewe girls are beautiful. It’s almost like they were some angels that were thrown from the heavens. If you are looking for the real definition of beauty, then you should visit the Volta Region, the harbor of all beautiful girls in the ghana. Ewe girls are not only just beautiful, but there are certain things about them that, makes dating them exciting.

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We share with you some reasons why you should date a Ewe girl. It’s what we feel, if you do not agree with us, feel free and share your thought on the article, we would be reading comments.

1. Ewe Girls Are Marriage Materials

Want to get married but don’t know which tribe to settle with; Look no further, the Ewe girls are marriage materials and have always been good wives if you check the real statistics. Because of how they are usually brought up, they are very submissive to their husbands and show great respect to the man they are in love with. So, get started by looking for an Ewe girl to date today.

2. They Have Such Great Body Shapes.

It’s almost like when God was creating the Ewe girls, he had an abundance of sand around and had had a filled day, so he took special time in creating Ewe girls. Ewe girls are well-endowe with such great shapes. Most of them have this curved body, that drives one crazy each time your eyes spot them. Who doesn’t want a woman with a beautiful shape and properly endowed in the appropriate regions? Want someone you can flaunt to your friends, ..?it’s about time you date an Ewe girl bro!

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3. Beautiful Skin color making them soo attractive

I love fair girls! Infact what I hate is to spot a fair beautiful girl and I know for a fact that when it comes to girls with very smooth, fair and natural skin, the Ewes have it all chale! You know there is a saying that, if you marry a fair lady and there’s dumsro kraa, you can still spot her in the darkness, well, the person who propounded that statement, was actually married to an Ewe girl… Correct point bro. So if you are looking for a girl with a nice and natural fair color, look no further else, you would end with a bleaching ambassador.

4. Chale, They Are Masters When It Comes To Cooking

They say a way to a man’s heart is true his stomach and the Ewes are probably the ones who coined that particular phrase. When it comes to cooking, they are good at it. Everyone can cook, but as to whether it will be delicious is another thing but trust an Ewe lady to win you over with just one meal. Want to bet? Ask a correct ewe lady to prepare some Banku and Okro strew for you or Akple and Fetriditsi…. you go clap….. Date an Ewe girl today!

5. They Are Very Neat—-Chale Everywhere.

Yes, who wants to date a woman who can’t keep the home clean, or her vajajay neat all the time? Want a woman who is neat, on the outside and down there combine, and can keep your home neat and clean all the time? Say no more bro, I said say no more–Date an Ewe girl today.

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Ewe girls are so sweet, loving and beautiful and most guys take advantage of their wickedness and betray their love. Ewe girls are very soft and so when they are dating, they easily fall in love and give their all, so boys mostly break their hearts but if your intention is to date her, chop her and dump her, my brother, be very careful, her cries fi torment you.

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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