GoGundMe; Jesse Menchaca Died After Car Accident

We regret to inform you of the untimely departure of Jesse Menchaca, who unfortunately perished on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, in a car accident.

The CHP claims that as Jesse’s car reached the bridge over the South Fork Kaweah River, it drifted off the west road edge.

The car struck a large boulder, flipped over, and came to rest on its roof in the middle of the river. Tragically, the collision left Jesse with fatal injuries. He worked as a specialized emergency department paramedic at Kaweah Delta and Sierra View hospitals.

Jesse was renowned for his tender care, treating each person he came into contact with and his patients like family. He developed a reputation as a genuine patient champion thanks to his great work ethic, quick thinking, and willingness to go above and beyond.

GoFundme have been created to help generate funds for the family

We are coming together here to support our dear friend and colleague Jesse Menchaca’s family. Jesse tragically passed away, leaving his wife and two beautiful young children behind. There was nothing in this world that mattered more to him than his family. This comes as a complete shock to us all.  Jesse worked as an ER PA at both Sierra View, and Kaweah Delta. He cared for so many – he not only cared for his patients with compassion, but he treated us all like family. He worked hard, was quick, smart, and would go above and beyond to get the job done. He was a true patient advocate and this community will be forever affected by this loss. People came into the ER requesting to see him and even asked if he could become their primary doctor- he was special and everyone knew it.  Jesse served in the military, traveled the world, loved the outdoors and had just recently bought a ranch up in Three Rivers. He worked tirelessly to create a beautiful life for his family. He had the best smile, most contagious laugh, and was passionate about life. He often talked about how incredibly blessed he was for the life he had.  This is a huge loss for his beautiful family, his ER family, and this community. We will all be feeling this loss for a long time. He is irreplaceable and he is missed beyond belief. His young family needs all the support they can get right now. Please give anything you can as well as your thoughts and prayers. Feel free to share as well. Jesse, we miss and love you. We are all so thankful you were in our lives and we are forever changed because of who you were. Rest in peace, my friend.
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The community he served will likely be forever changed by his tragic death.

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