GoFundMe; Christina Adomitis Michigan and her mother Athena Forsyth Death

The passing of someone who had a significant impact on our world means that we will no longer have them in this one, and we will miss having them here with us.


In addition to that, Adomitis is the author of the work. Ronda Farnham, Christina’s sister, and John J. Kirsch, Christina’s real father, both perished away before she did. Christina is the only survivor of the three. Christina is the only one of the three people who have made it. Christina is the only one of the three that was successful in completing the task.

It was common knowledge in the neighborhood that John was Christina’s biological father and that Ronda, Christina’s sister, was John’s daughter.

Also, the community was aware that John was Christina’s stepfather. Her favorite activities to do outside were skiing, searching for beach glass, and touring Lake Erie on her jet ski. Treasure searching for sea glass was another one of her all-time favorite things to do.


She never allowed her anxiety about tackling a DIY home improvement project to prevent her from always having a Dr. Pepper in the palm of her hand.

Christina never allowed anyone to discourage her from being who she truly was, and as a result, she motivated everyone around her to do the same. Her immediate family consists of her grandparents, David H. Kitchener and Dorothy (Glover) Kitchener, her parents, David H. Kitchener and Dorothy (Glover) Kitchener, her son, Mitchell D. Hovis of New Castle, her grandson, Elijah M. Wampler of Erie, and her siblings, Michelle Farnham-DeJesus (Julio) of Dunkirk and Donald Farnham.

Her extended family consists of her grandparents, David H. Kitchener Her son, Mitchell D. Hovis, was born and raised in the state of New Once she has passed away, each and every one of these individuals will have the chance to celebrate her life and pay tribute to her.

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