GoFundMe; Aeon Tocchini 2-Died in Sonoma Co. after redwood tree fell on home

When a tree falls on a double-wide trailer in Sonoma County, a 2-year-old Aeon Tocchini was murdered.


The young boy died as a result of his injuries in the disaster; neither his mother nor father were hurt when the tree fell.



As a powerful storm pounded the state on Wednesday evening, a redwood tree fell on a double-wide mobile home in Sonoma County, killing a 2-and-a-half-year-old boy, according to authorities.


According to Ron Lunardi, the fire chief in Occidental, the incident happened there while hurricane-force winds tore across sections of California as part of the “bomb cyclone,” which also brought torrential rains and flooding.


Aeon Tocchini, the youngster, has been identified by his family via a GoFundMe page. The website said that Aeon, also known as “Goldie,” shone like the sun. They said he enjoyed dancing and that music affected his soul. He had the most wonderful spirit, and he was kind and polite.


“One of our significant events included a redwood tree falling on a house, and up there we had a mortality of a minor — actually an infant. baby between the ages of one and two. Lunardi stated in a conversation.


When the incident occurred, the boy was at home with his mother and father, according to Lunardi.


“A distraught father came out of the house carrying the child when I first arrived on the scene. He said, “My child is not breathing,” and Lunardi described him as being somewhat buried in debris.

“Since he is on a long dirt lane and we are in a remote area, my initial reaction was to load him into my vehicle and take him to the main road. I helped the father board the vehicle. We got back out to the main road, where I met the rescue squad, who immediately grabbed the child from the father and started CPR while they waited for the paramedics to arrive. As I was backing up down the driveway in reverse, I was giving him instructions to breathe his child for him.”

The child’s mother and father were unharmed when the tree fell, but the boy died as a result of his wounds.

Everyone’s emotions are usually much greater in situations like this, especially when a child is involved, according to Lunardi.


destructive winds The National Weather Service predicted gusts of at least 50 mph on Wednesday night and up to 70 mph is likely near Northern California’s coast. Over the next days, the state might also experience mudslides, devastating winds, and flooding rain.


In order to support Aeon’s family during this trying time, the family has established a GoFundMe. If you have the means and would like to donate, visit this website.

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