Foolish Pastor! ‘Wabodam’ And You’re S!ck-Eagle Prophet Blasts Prophet Kofi Oduoro (video)

Popular man of God Reindolph Oduro Gyebi popularly known as Eagle Prophet, has lambasted Alabaster International Ministry’s founder and leader, Prophet Kofi Oduro for describing all Ghanaian Prophets as “foolish” and “mad”.

The controversy erupted when the founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro ‘blasted’ prophets who on December 31, 2019, predicted the winner for the upcoming 2020 elections and other heartbreaking Prophecies at their various watch night services.

Addressing his congregation during the service, Prophet Kofi Oduro described the prophets as jokers who are only mocking God by using their pulpits. Prophet Oduro added that God does not have time for NPP and NDC, hence advised Ghanaian prophets to stop their shenanigans.

“That is what the church is doing now, mocking God. Looking at the 31st of December prophecies, I can see that you are all jokers. God has not spoken to all Ghanaian prophets. I am telling you. Foolish prophecies . . . God does not think about NPP, NDC . . . This one says this party will win, the other also says the other party will win . . . You are just mocking God.

“So are you telling me, you didn’t see your fornications, filthy lifestyle, your corrupt leaders and their arrogance . . . to prophesy about but you only saw NDC and NPP? What about CPP, PPP, AGPP . . . enough of your shenanigans. God has not spoken to any of you. Whoever is called by God does not have time for nonsense,” he said.

Reacting to Prophet Kofi Oduro’s utterances with regard to the prophecies on the 2020 elections results, on a tape via Vybe Africa News, said that since the Alabaster leader is also a prophet, the description for Ghanaian prophets also qualifies him.

“Is the prophet attached to his name? If so, then it means that God does not speak to him too, and if all the prophets in Ghana are mad and foolish, and he also calls himself a prophet then who are those he insulted? If you insult prophets and you also call yourself a prophet, then he is part of the foolish and mad prophets in the country,” he jabbed.

To him, he is forced to comment due to the fact that Prophet Kofi Oduro chose to described all prophets in the country as “foolish” and “mad”; thus, the situation would have been different if he had not generalized all prophets.

He, however, bemoaned the mindset of some Ghanaians who have made it their business to attack prophets in the country whenever they prophesy about the happenings in the lives of people in the country.

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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