Fella Makafui Allegedly Caught In Minister’s House After Breaking Up With Medikal (screenshots)

A leaked chat going viral shared by an Instagram blogger indicates that  Fella Makafui is in corners with a minister, moving to and from his house after breaking up with rapper Medikal.

In the chats, the snitch who broke the news to popular  Instagram blogger, those_called_celebs accused Fella Makafui of going out and visiting the minister of state’s house which is very close to where he/she resides.

Though the person concealed minister’s identity and the location but it appears Fella Makafui is already enjoying her single life.

The news surfaced on online by the social media user has generated some commentaries with the majority describing the “Away Bus” actress of chasing sugar daddies.

Some internet users also debunked rumors by the informant claiming that the visit could be for a business purpose and that there is nothing wrong for Fella Makafui to visit a minister.

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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