Fella did 4 Ab0rtions for Medikal within 11 months – Close Source Alleges

Medikal and fella share passionate kiss
Medikal and fella share passionate kiss

Rumours surfacing on the Internet indicates that Fella Makafui and Medikal aborted 4 pregnancies in their 11 months dating period.

According to ,Fella Makafui is in pain and traumatized over the breakup──all because she allegedly aborted 4 pregnancies for Medikal within a period of 11 months.

This was revealed by a close source who contacted the afore-mentioned news portal.

The close source was asked;

“why did Fella Makafui abort 4 pregnancies when she could have given birth and made Medikal a father?”

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And then she answered and alleged that;

“Medikal wasn’t ready to be a father and Fella Makafui on the other hand never wanted to be a baby mama to be subjected to public mockery or ridicule hence their decision of getting rid of 4 pregnancies within a period of 11 months”.

The close source to Fella Makafui continued that she is broken-hearted and down not because the relationship is over but because she is unable to deal with the pain of sacrificing 4 innocent babies──all in the name of love!

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Meanwhile, Fella has come out with a threat to Medikal that she’ll be exposing some secrets soon.

See below screenshots of two instances where Fella Makafui revealed that she was expecting little Medikal. Where are the little Medikals?

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