Explore Burkey Belser’s Death ’69, Graphic Designer

Burkey Belser ’69, Renowned Graphic Designer and Creator of FDA Nutrition Facts Label, Passes Away at 76

Burkey Belser
Burkey Belser

Burkey Belser, a distinguished graphic designer known for his pivotal role in creating the iconic nutrition facts label mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for most food products in the United States, peacefully passed away on September 25, 2023, in Bethesda, Maryland, at the age of 76.

In 2014, The Washington Post paid him the tribute of “the Steve Jobs of information design” following his remarkable creation of the now-familiar black-and-white label that graces grocery store items throughout the nation.

Burkey Belser had previously gained recognition for his highly effective, clean design work on the black and yellow energy guide labels for various appliances.

The Washington Post’s obituary shares the following insights:

During an interview, David A. Kessler, who served as the FDA chief during the label’s development, referred to Mr. Belser as “an absolute genius.” In recognition of his contributions, President Bill Clinton bestowed upon him a prestigious Presidential Design Award.

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Kessler emphasized the label’s profound public health impact, which benefits millions of individuals who rely on it daily to make informed food choices.

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