Evangelia Katri Death, A Pillar Of Melbourne’s Greek Community

 In Memoriam: Evangelia Katri, Pillar of Melbourne’s Greek Community, Passes Away at 104

Melbourne mourns the loss of Evangelia Katri, a revered figure in the Greek community, who dedicated decades to volunteer service. Learn about her remarkable life and contributions.

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The vibrant Greek community in Melbourne is grieving the loss of Evangelia Katri, a remarkable individual who dedicated a significant part of her life to volunteer service. Evangelia Katri, one of Melbourne’s oldest Greeks, passed away on Sunday at the age of 104. Her son, Nicholas Katris, confirmed the news, marking the end of a life dedicated to community and service.

Born in Heraklion, Evangelia grew up in Alexandria, facing early challenges with the departure of her father at nine months old and the loss of her mother at the age of nine. In 1954, she migrated to Australia, becoming an immigrant for the second time. Her journey in Melbourne saw her contribute immensely to the Greek community.

Known for her multifaceted contributions, Evangelia Katri volunteered for nearly five decades, leaving an indelible mark on various community organizations. Her involvement in the early nursing homes and geriatrics of the Greek community in Melbourne, such as “Stegi,” reflected her commitment to community welfare.

Reflecting on her life, Evangelia emphasized the importance of hard work, especially as a woman supporting her family in a new country. She began working in factories to financially support her family, showcasing resilience and determination. Even after her husband’s serious work accident in 1956, Evangelia continued to work tirelessly to ensure her children received an education.

Her impact extended beyond her family, as she became popular among organizations and services interacting with immigrants due to her proficiency in five languages, including the Cypriot dialect, and her high level of education compared to many immigrants of her time. Evangelia’s core belief was to “give to those who don’t have and to those who have less than you,” a philosophy that defined her entire life.

The Melbourne Greek community remembers Evangelia Katri as a pillar, a compassionate individual who left an enduring legacy of service, kindness, and generosity. As the community reflects on her remarkable life, Evangelia’s contributions will continue to inspire future generations to embody the spirit of selfless giving and community support. May her soul rest in peace.

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