Dylan Ruck Hit and Killed by a waste container truck,Dylan Ruck Obituary, Funeral

The 13-year-old boy who was killed on Wednesday in Gulf Shores while bicycling is getting increasing attention from the media.

The seventh grade had just ended for Dylan Ruck in Jackson, Alabama. He was away with the family.

Dylan was a “light” in the young group, according to Jackson First Assembly’s pastor Kevin Lewis.

Lewis expressed his shock after hearing from a family member that they should be praying because an accident had occurred.

He claimed that Dylan was a fantastic classmate. I don’t believe I ever saw him with anything other than a huge smile on his face while watching him move through the school’s hallways.

Lewis claimed that on Wednesday night, the young group gathered, sobbing and praying.

For Dylan’s parents, two young sisters, and funeral on Wednesday at Jackson First Assembly, please pray.

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