Don Jazzy gives lectures on how to use Water Closet to avoid snake bite (Video)

Afrobeat Producer, Don Jazzy has educated people on how to avoid snake bites on their Water Closet.

This follows the viral news of how a snake hidden in a water closet bit a Nigerian Airforce woman.

The young lady Lance Corporal Bercy Ogah lost her life after the snake hidden in water closet bit her.

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Following this sad news, other Nigerian took to social media to tell stories of encounters they’ve had with snakes hidden in their water closet.

Don Jazzy took the chance to educate the public on how to avoid such unfortunate things with a video on his Instagram page.

From the video he advised the public to face the water closet instead of sitting on it the usual way so that they’ll be alert to see the snake and jump awa if there’s any lurking around.

He followed it up with more practical ways to ward off snake from a water closet.

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