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Did Moesha abandon her son for 8 years ? – Whistle Blower alleges

A social media gossip blog, The Tea Room Africa has alleged that the young boy Moesha posted on Snapchat hours ago is her biological son.

The gossip page added that when Moesha birthed the kid 8 years ago, she abandoned the kid and left him in the care of her father and stepmother.

Apparently Moesha has always been referring to the cute boy as her cousin but the boy is her real son according to the whistle blower.

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The socialite abandoned the child so she would be free to live her slay queen lifestyle and travel around the world to have fun according to the gossip page.

to spill some hot tea on Princess Shyngle Friend Moesha ☕️ Did y’all know that Moesha has a son that’s 8 years old ????????‍♀️ she lies to everyone saying that’s her cousin son but it’s a damn lie ???????? she had the baby and left him with her dad and step mom to raise while she’s out there galavanting with rich married men traveling the world and forming big girl ???????????? Aunty moe go and take care of your son oh ????????”.  

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